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Motorhome Shipping

Australia & New Zealand


From Southampton / Bremerhaven / Zeebrugge to Australia / New Zealand

There are 2 to 3 ships per month. Schedule will be published around 2 months prior to departure. Sailing time is 5 weeks to Perth and 8 weeks to Brisbane or Auckland. The vessels sail via South Africa to Australia and via Panama Canal to New Zealand.

Temporary import

Tourists are allowed to use their vehicle in Australia & New Zealand without paying any import fees. A Carnet de Passage is required! This can be issued, for example, from your domestic automobile club.
The vehicles must be completely cleaned inside & outside.

Mobile phone & Internet

Mobile phones now offer a decent coverage. In addition, on-site SIM cards are available and you can also browse Internet via smartphone.Mobile and smartphones work all over the country. It makes sense to buy a local SIM card. Almost all campsites, fast food restaurants, etc. offer their customers free Wi-Fi.

Technical assistence

No problems with service and spare parts. Motorhomes in Australia & New Zealand are based on European chassis. Mercedes, Iveco, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Ford.


The supply of diesel (and AdBlue) is not a problem in Australia/New Zealand. Fuel prices are about 30% less than in Central Europe.

Propane gas and electricity

Gas adapter for filling German gas cylinders and gas tanks are available with us.

Calculation of shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated according to the maximum dimensions of the vehicle (vehicle registration document):

Length x Height x Width = Volume

Shipping can already pay off for a 10 week trip.

Each centimeter counts. If the dimensions have been altered the price may be affected. The freight rate is US$ 120,00 per m³ to Australia and US$ 125,00 per m³ to New Zealand.

6,10 m Length
2,30 m Width
2,85 m Height
40,00 m Volume
US$ 120,00 Freight Rate
40,00 m³ Volume
US$ 4.800 Freight Costs

Port fees and terminal handling charge are about € 900,00

A fuel surcharge could added and adjusted according to the current oil price.

( All rates and fees can change until shipping ! )

Shipping from Australia / New Zealand to Europe

There are 2 to 3 sailings per month. Schedule will be published around 2 months prior to departure. Sailing time is between 9 and 12 weeks.

We can offer you a Marine Insurance (including content) depending on the current vehicle’s value

Current situation

Due to tightened quarantine regulations (European bug plague) all used vehicles going to Australia & New Zealand must undergo a special cost-intensive treatment. A further tightening of the quarantine regulations can lead to significant delays and additional costs for the vehicle owners.
If you want to ship your motorhome to Down Under, please contact us for an update of the situation.
These restrictions do NOT apply to shipments from AUS & NZ to Europe.

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